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Wash Club Card

5 washes per month
Use to wash multiple vehicles
Valid at all locations


Card will be mailed to you


Club Card Options

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Need to view, edit, or cancel your club account?

If you are a club member in the app, then you can make changes in the app. If you have a club member card, then sign in here

  • Do unused washes roll over?
    Each month your club membership refills to 5 (app users receive a bonus wash each month, so app users refills to 6). This means that unused washes do not rollover. However, we have discounted club washes so heavily that you'll save money even if you only use 3 washes in a given month.
  • Can I connect my club card to the app?
    No. The wash club card and the wash club app membership are two separate memberships. They can't be linked. If you have a club card and would like to switch to the app, we suggest canceling the club membership then signing up for a wash club membership in the app. Download the app here.
  • Can I use my wash club on multiple vehicles?
    Absolutely! If you have the club card, you can share your card with someone. If you have the app club membership, you can log your account in on two devices.
  • Can I see how many washes I have used this month?
    App club members can see their previous washes by clicking on "More" then selecting "Usage History." Unfortunately, for club card members there is currently no way to see how many washes you have used.
  • What if I want to cancel my membership?
    Our clubs don't have any contracts or secret strings attached. If you have a club card, you can cancel by logging in here. If you have the app, you can cancel in the app.
  • How does billing work?
    Your card is charged the day you join the wash club. Then it will be charged again every 30 days after that. No work is required on your end after the initial purchase.
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